I read ALL the reviews, good and bad.  But since I have bought three other vehicles from Nyle Maxwell, all with positive experiences, I went back to Nyle Maxwell Supercenter looking for a good used truck.

I found a fantastic 2010 Dodge RAM that looked new (a couple of years older than I had wanted) but it was so loaded with all the options and more that I could ever want I decided to buy it.

My sales person worked with me all the way, even helped me get a better deal than I had hoped.  He even spent a great deal of time showing me how all the gizmos, bells and whistles worked.  Wow, how great for him since I am not a tech kind of guy.

So thanks to my salesperson (Jeff Maxwell) and to all those who made this a positive experience!

A quick funny story about the truck before I go – as I was driving the truck home from the dealership, a Police Officer pulled me over (apparently me and the new Dodge RAM were still learning about how to drive it) for speeding.

His first comment was: “Wow, a new truck.  It looks great, is this a 2017?”  Well, I was very proud of my truck and wish I could have said it was, but he seemed honestly surprised that my truck was nearly 7 years old.  BTW, he did not write me a ticket – in the future, I must watch that HEMI as it will move on down the road!